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Shetland First Ridden

First group lesson after initial private assessment lesson children, from the age of four, have an initial assessment lesson of half an hour. Depending on confidence the children are then recommended either this lesson or further private lessons. Depending on ability and experience of the pony some children will be led, others assisted

Parents/guardians are encouraged to help lead their children, giving the children more confidence and enables the session leader to teach and develop skills.

Riders will be taught the basics of horse riding, walking, trotting, steering and the art of stopping. Progression at this stage is strongly dependent on age and concentration of the rider. Lessons will also include rides out of the school around the safe vicinity of the farm.


Dartmoors Walk, Trot and Learning to Canter.

Riders move into this group when they are feeling confident enough to walk and trot with no leader. Leaders will not accompany all ponies but there will be helpers if required. This group is half an hour. Riders will learn the basics of canter and develop their position in walk and trot establishing better balance.


New Forest Developing Canter

Riders progress into this group when they feel confident that they can walk, trot and do a simple canter without a leader. The canter will be developed in this group. An introduction to pole work will also be incorporated into this lesson. This group lesson is 45 minutes improving rider’s stamina in preparation for an hour group. Developing the canter and an introduction to poles and jumping is the aim of this group. Once established lessons will move up to one hour.


Connemara Walk Trot Canter Jump

An hour group lesson. Riders have an established walk, trot and canter and have done some pole work and small jumps.
Also an introduction to Show Jumping. Therefore rider’s position and balance are of importance to accomplish these harder skills. There are two categories of Connemara – Junior (under 16 years) and Senior (over 16 years).


Dales Walk Trot Canter Jump

Dales is a progression to the top-level Thoroughbreds. Walk, trot and canter are established and also simple jumping exercises. More complex jumping exercises are incorporated into this group making the lesson challenging and rewarding. Cross country riding is established. This level rider can handle the majority of horses and ponies at the yard.


Thoroughbred Walk Trot Canter Jump

The Thoroughbred Groups include our most accomplished riders. Split into two groups; Thoroughbred Junior- ages 14-16 (approx.) and Thoroughbred Senior- 16 & over. Thoroughbred riders can walk, trot, canter, jump with a developed seat and feel confident to take our horses out hacking and across country. This level rider can handle most the horses and ponies in the yard.


Adult Classes

Whether you are a complete beginner, getting back on the saddle or keeping it up after years of experience we have the class for you. Here at East Lodge we have individual ability classes to cater for all riders. Get in touch with our team from more information and which class is best for you.


The Pony Club

ELF is an Official Pony Club Centre and we like to recommend that children learning to ride at ELF join the Pony Club. The Pony Club offers the opportunity to learn all aspects of horse care, management and riding through a structured program achieving recognised Pony Club Awards. You do not need your own pony. Pony Club rallies are held once a month on a Thursday afternoon, alternating between mounted and unmounted rallies and split into ability groups. 


Tots About Ponies

Come along and introduce your little people to the world of ponies and riding. A great opportunity for mums and tots to have fun, socialise and make some four legged friends.

Pony Club Centre

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